25 Things About Me

  1. I am 8 years old
  2. I like to play Club Pengin
  3. My name is “Cousin Corn” on CP – friend me!
  4. My favorite food is pepperoni pizza
  5. There are four people in my family – five including my cat Binoo
  6. My favorite subject in school is piano
  7. I play guitar, piano, and drums
  8. I am homeschooled
  9. My favorite movie is Lord of the Rings (I can’t wait to see The Hobbit)
  10. I love to play soccer and baseball and football
  11. I have brown hair and green eyes
  12. I have a “Ring of Power” from Lord of the Rings which I wear on a chain
  13. I went to an awesome summer camp this summer
  14. I have been sailing, tubing, kayaking, and jumping off a 60 foot zip line
  15. I like a challenge
  16. I was on an 80 foot high swing and I loved it (I was strapped in)
  17. My favorite color is purple
  18. I like to read (I’m reading Chronicles of Narnia right now)
  19. I have a sister who is 14 years older than I am – she’s in Montana right now at school
  20. My dad and I go bike riding a lot
  21. I am going salmon fishing
  22. I have been to Disney World twice!
  23. We have a problem with cougars in our backyard
  24. My Mom and I have a garden we take care of
  25. My favorite TV show is Spongebob

14 thoughts on “25 Things About Me

    1. Thank you for reading my 25 things about me. Thats so cool you like Club Penguin too! I’ve been on Club Penguin for 5 years! You should come find me on CP – my name is Cousin Corn. I’m gonna vist you blog now. Bye bye!

  1. Hey Harry,
    You are a 8 years old that’s pretty good. I am 11. I play basketball and footy. My favourite food is pizza too. How long have you had your blog? We started ours 3 months ago. What is it like being home schooled? What are the cougars in your backyard like?
    from Lachie.

    1. Hi Lachie, thanks for looking at my blog. I’ve had my blog about a month.

      What is footy? Is that like soccer? I love soccer!

      I like being homeschooled – my school hours are shorter and I get a good lunch every day and I learn more.

      I haven’t seen any cougars but I have seen paw prints and cougar scat (that’s just poop).

  2. Hi Harry I use to play club penguin but I don’t play it any more and I love to play Hockey,football and basketball.
    from Tom

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