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Lego Sculptures at Disney World

Have you ever been to Disney World? I have been a few times and there is so many fun things to do. One of  the fun things to do is to go to Downtown Disney and see the Lego sculptures. One of them is a 30 foot long sea monster named Brickley. Brickley is made entirely out of Lego; that’s 170,00 bricks of Lego. and his weight is really heavy, he weighs half a ton! I wonder how many right angles Brickley has with all those Legos? I just figured it out!!!

24 right angles per Lego X 170,000= 4,080,000 right angles! Wow!

Here is some photos of other Lego sculptures at Disney, which one do you like best? They are all amazing. Don’t forget to take the poll!

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Challenge 5: Let’s get Data


Club Penguin

I love Club Penguin! It’s an online game for kids from Disney. My penguin’s name is Cousin Corn, he is so awesome. I have been a member for five years, no joke. My penguin has  about 150 different items to wear. You can become a member too; it’s free. Or you can buy a paid membership and have access to lots of other stuff.

On Club Penguin, every penguin has an igloo that you can decorate and when you are done you can have parties at your igloo and have lots of people “like” your igloo too! You can visit other peoples igloo’s as well! You can chat with other kids and have up to 500 friends on your list at a time. I’m already at the 500 mark! You can also buy clothes; some of the clothes have cool powers – like if you are wearing a ref jersey and a whistle – when you wave, you hold up a sign that says ” goal!”  In Club Penguin you can earn belts ( 1 white belt, 2 yellow belt, 3 orange belt, 4 green belt, 5 blue belt, 6 red belt,7 purple belt, 8 brown belt 9, black belt). Once you get a black belt you can become a ninja, then a Fire Master then Water Master, and then (almost) Snow Master. Snow Master comes out this November.

Every month on Club Penguin there is a huge party. At Christmas time everything would be “Christmasy”, during Halloween and other holidays there are great things to do and everything is decorated. They just finished having a fall fair that was really fun. There are so many games to play on Club Penguin like:

  • Pizza Tron 3000
  • Mine Racer
  • Hydro Hopper
  • Ice Fishing
  • Bean Counters
  • Aqua Grabber
  • Catching Waves
  • Jet Pack Adventure
  • Puffle Launch
  • Card Jujitsu

These are just a few of their games. There is also a lot of arcade type games. Here is some information for you parents; it’s great for kids because it’s owned by Disney so you  know its good. There are no ads. They have live monitors and filtered chat, plus they have special parent tools. Club Penguin believes in Global Citizenship and helps kids to make a difference in  the world.

Every year they have a “coins for change” program where kids donate their virtual coins and Club Penguin/Disney donates up to 2 million dollars to help kids and their communities around the world! That’s a good thing! So if you’d like to join me, Cousin Corn on Club Penguin, you can go sign up today! Start with a free account!

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All the photos were taken by my Mom or are screen shots of me playing Club Penguin

Challenge 4 – Lots of Choice