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Great Victoria, BC

Victoria is an awesome place to visit. In Victoria we have the best weather in Canada. Victoria is the capital of British Columbia. There are so many things to do like go hiking on Mill Hill or walking on the water front. One of my favourite things to do is ride my bike on the Galloping Goose Trail. The Goose is 100 kilometres long.

In the winter we have great hill’s to toboggan down. Me and my dad like going to hockey games at  the Royals home rink; its really fun watching them. Victoria has really beautiful forests and it’s so colourful in fall. Down at the waterfront there are buskers and they perform tricks and some play music.

I cant forget the Empress; the Empress was built in 1908, and if your wondering what the Empress is, it’s a hotel. If your in down town Victoria, why not stop at the Royal BC Museum all you need is a ticket or a pass. In down town Victoria there is so many cool shops and places to visit. And why not go down to world famous Butchart  Gardens; it’s so beautiful.  There are so many fascinating old buildings and churches to visit as well. Another great thing about Victoria, and also one of the best, is Hatley Castle, which was built in 1908. Or you can visit Craigdarroch Castle, which was built in 1890.  But perhaps, the best reason to visit Victoria is because I live here! Thank you for reading :).

All the photos in the slideshow were taken by my sister Megan and my Dad.

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Challenge 3: Our World


If I Had a Pot of Gold

If I had a pot of gold I would buy a 1,000,000,000 (that’s one billion) dollar bill, or a little more. If I had a pot of gold I would buy 5 tickets and a cage to see the Vancouver Canucks play! (Four tickets are for my family and the fifth ticket and the cage is for my cat – I don’t want him running down on the ice).

The NHL is on strike now so we can’t even see them play on T.V. 😦 I hope it ends soon. I am a BIG Canucks fan!

Canucks Poster
My Mom took this picture of me

Salmon Fishing

Two days ago, my dad and I went salmon fishing. I caught two salmon; one was wild so I couldn’t keep it, (by the way, a wild one is a salmon that was not born in a hatchery) but the other one was not wild so I got to keep it. After we came back from fishing, at the dock I saw a cute seal. He  looked right at me. When we got home, my mom cooked the salmon and we ate it for dinner. It was so good. It tasted like chicken – I’m not kidding, really!  Even though I was home I still felt like I was on the boat. The motion was so wavy I felt sea sick. I’m really glad I feel better now.

Salmon Fishing
My Dad took this photo of me on the fishing boat


My Broken Arm

I remember one time when I was sad. A few years ago I broke my arm; it hurt. I fell off the couch trying to pet the cat. As I fell, I thought, “what can I do? Am I going to get hurt?!!!” So I screamed and I flopped and hit my arm on the wall. I hit it so hard that I broke arm.

I really don’t remember the trip to the hospital. I think I fainted. So, I’m at the hospital and I’m sitting on my Dad’s lap and my stomach is upset. So they gave me a little paper tray to throw up in.  I missed the tray and filled my Dad’s coat pockets full of barf.

They took me into a room and they took x-rays and then they took me into another room and put a glow in the dark cast on my arm. Two months later, I’m at the hospital and the nurse gave me earmuffs and then she pulls out a small chainsaw and cuts my cast off. Then, apparently my arm wasn’t better so I got a new cast. A black one! A few weeks later, they cut that one off and now I am fine!

My Broken Arm
My Mom took this photo of me