Lego Sculptures at Disney World

Have you ever been to Disney World? I have been a few times and there is so many fun things to do. One of  the fun things to do is to go to Downtown Disney and see the Lego sculptures. One of them is a 30 foot long sea monster named Brickley. Brickley is made entirely out of Lego; that’s 170,00 bricks of Lego. and his weight is really heavy, he weighs half a ton! I wonder how many right angles Brickley has with all those Legos? I just figured it out!!!

24 right angles per Lego X 170,000= 4,080,000 right angles! Wow!

Here is some photos of other Lego sculptures at Disney, which one do you like best? They are all amazing. Don’t forget to take the poll!

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Challenge 5: Let’s get Data


2 thoughts on “Lego Sculptures at Disney World

  1. Hi Harry!
    Wowww, the sculptures are so huge, so enormous! How is it possible to collect them?! It’s really exciting! I voted for the Sea Monster!
    Do you like making things from Lego bricks? I have some Lego construction sets but they are small and middle-sized.
    I wrote a new post too, please check it out.

    There are also new interesting posts on our classblog by Nastya and Pavel.

    Have a nice weekend,
    Your friend Kristina

    1. Hello Kristina, I have two huge boxes full of all types of Lego. I like to build all different kinds of things. Maybe I’ll post some pictures later of some of my creations. My favourite Disney sculpture was the Buzz and Woody one because I love the movies and the sculpture is so awesome!

      I’m going to visit your blog and your friends’ blogs now.

      Your friend,
      Harry 🙂

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