Salmon Fishing

Two days ago, my dad and I went salmon fishing. I caught two salmon; one was wild so I couldn’t keep it, (by the way, a wild one is a salmon that was not born in a hatchery) but the other one was not wild so I got to keep it. After we came back from fishing, at the dock I saw a cute seal. He  looked right at me. When we got home, my mom cooked the salmon and we ate it for dinner. It was so good. It tasted like chicken – I’m not kidding, really!  Even though I was home I still felt like I was on the boat. The motion was so wavy I felt sea sick. I’m really glad I feel better now.

Salmon Fishing
My Dad took this photo of me on the fishing boat



3 thoughts on “Salmon Fishing

  1. Hi Harry!
    Fishing is fun, you had a great day! My dad doesn’t fish and we don’t have salmon or seals here 😦 But we do have chicken and I love eating it! 🙂
    Bye bye!

  2. Wow, Harry! How much fun that you got to go salmon fishing. I think Canada has the best salmon anywhere. When we lived in Calgary we ate a lot of salmon. Now that we’re living in Quito, I miss our salmon meals. Salmon is also very easy to cook. Even though I don’t like to cook because I don’t think I’m very good, I can cook salmon and it tastes good!

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