My Broken Arm

I remember one time when I was sad. A few years ago I broke my arm; it hurt. I fell off the couch trying to pet the cat. As I fell, I thought, “what can I do? Am I going to get hurt?!!!” So I screamed and I flopped and hit my arm on the wall. I hit it so hard that I broke arm.

I really don’t remember the trip to the hospital. I think I fainted. So, I’m at the hospital and I’m sitting on my Dad’s lap and my stomach is upset. So they gave me a little paper tray to throw up in.  I missed the tray and filled my Dad’s coat pockets full of barf.

They took me into a room and they took x-rays and then they took me into another room and put a glow in the dark cast on my arm. Two months later, I’m at the hospital and the nurse gave me earmuffs and then she pulls out a small chainsaw and cuts my cast off. Then, apparently my arm wasn’t better so I got a new cast. A black one! A few weeks later, they cut that one off and now I am fine!

My Broken Arm
My Mom took this photo of me

2 thoughts on “My Broken Arm

  1. I read your story. I thought it was funny how you fell and broke your arm by trying to pet the cat. I liked how you made your story not boring, but funny and a strange sort of way.

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